Commit 9e59c6d1 authored by github-pop's avatar github-pop

changing post-creation message as workaround break things on latest updates

parent b5ccfd3a
......@@ -736,12 +736,9 @@ If conky-grapes is not running, you can activate it with following command:\n
conky -q -d -c ~/conky/conky-grapes/conky_gen.conkyrc\n\n
** If it runs but text is not aligned or font is horribly wrong (and you \
installed required fonts), chances are you are using a \
recent version of freetype2 (2.8 onwardsi, see \, which breaks vertical \
alignment with conky.\nIf you are on Archlinux, install AUR package \ to fix the vertical \
alignment (you might need to restart your session / machine for the change \
to take effect. \nThen call that script again using the --arch option."""
recent version of freetype2 (2.8 onwards), which breaks vertical \
alignment with previous conky work. The '--arch' option when creating your \
conky configuration file should address this."""
.format(dest_conky, dest_lua)
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