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Adds pro_vladimir's cannons articles as Google links

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title: Links to pro-Vladimir's Cannons Analysis articles
date: 2014-06-30 00:00:02
modified: 2021-11-16 15:27:46
tags: cannons; links
authors: Vladimir Mamzerev
summary: Links to Pro-Vladimir's Google-translated Cannons analysis articles
status: published
### Translated from:
[Cannons: Architectural element or a weapon?](
[Cannons: Were they more ions in the past?](
[Cannons. Part 1.](
[Cannons. Part 2.](
[Cannons. Part 3.](
[Cannons. Part 4.](
[Cannons. Part 5.](
[Cannons. Part 6.](
[Cannons. Part 7.](
[Cannons. Part 8.](
[Cannons. Part 9.](
[Cannons. Part 10.]( //
[Cannons. Part 11.](
[Cannons. Part 12.](
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